Watch the video and follow the steps. It is recommended to do it 3 times per week.

  1. The X-Gripper is a soft latex masturbation sleeve that is open on both ends (very important). Using the X-Gripper will dramatically increase the absorption and effectiveness of the cream! You can get one from my website: x-cream.net Note: Do not use a sleeve that is closed on one end. These create a vacuum and it is impossible to use them effectively.
  2. With the X-Gripper, apply cream inside of the sleeve then slide it over your erect penis. You can add more cream if you need it from the top, or by sliding the sleeve up more than half-way applying more around the middle of the penile shaft (no need to remove it completely otherwise you may have difficulty putting it back on. Do not use excessive amounts of cream, just enough to cover your penis otherwise you will waste it and run out very quickly.
  3. If you do not experience pre-mature ejaculation then skip to the next step. Otherwise read the premature ejaculation guide then return here. When using the sleeve if you feel you are close to climax stop all movement, squeeze your pelvic muscles and remove your hands from your penis. Once the sensation has subsided begin stroking with the sleeve again and work your way back to an erection. Tip: You can apply this same technique when you are having sexual intercourse. But you should tell your partner to stop moving also otherwise they may continue to move and force you to orgasm. During intercourse you can also pull out to help regain control.
  4. Do not beat yourself up if you have an orgasm too quickly. Be patient with yourself. This is normal when you first start and it will take some time to get used to the sensation. Tip: As you progress force yourself to have two orgasms or at least a second erection after you climax. This will train your body to be ready for more.
  5. Try to increase the length of your massage sessions. If you can go for up to an hour, then you have worked your penis hard and it will grow faster. (in width and thickness).
  6. You may be fortunate enough to have a partner that is willing to help you. If so, allow them to perform the exercises on you. Should you decide to have intercourse, be sure to wipe or rinse all of the cream off before you have sex.
  7. It is very possible to out grow the X-Gripper. They only come in one size so if this happens you will have to just use your hands or purchase a different kind of sleeve.
  8. Sometimes the end of the X-Gripper is very thin and can tear. If this happens and the tear is very small, simply cut the end off just below the tear. This will not affect the performance of the X-Gripper.
  9. When you have achieved the desired results, you may need to start using a lubricant such as KY jelly or Astroglide during intercourse. A thicker wider penis can hurt a woman that has a dry vagina. Experiment to find out just how much you need. Use too much and she won’t feel your penis; too little and it may cause her pain.
  10. The average penis is about 5 or 6 inches long. You can increase the length but it will take a lot longer than using the cream to increase width. The safest way to increase length is through exercises. Check the website for more information. In the mean time gently pull on it as often as possible. This will cause blood to remain inside the shaft more often helping it to grow. So whenever you see your penis “shrunk”, grab it by the tip pull it away from your body.
  11. The cream formula may be too gritty. If you don’t have any extra emu oil, you can apply a personal lubricant to your penis BEFORE you apply the cream. Astroglide works very well and is cheap and easy to find. Do not mix the lubricant into the cream jar. (Only add emu oil, if you have some, directly into the cream jar to make it smoother).


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