X-Cream + X-Gripper

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This is an amazing premature ejaculation solution designed to provide you with everything you need to increase stamina and last longer in bed!  Stop struggling with premature ejaculation and improve your love life!

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Finally a solution that can work for ANY man that has ever had premature ejaculation.


X-Cream + X-Gripper

Only last a few minutes? A few seconds? Then you’re in the right place!
This solution is permanent! Use these products and follow the instructions and you will NEVER HAVE THIS PROBLEM AGAIN!!!!

No Need to Desensitize

Don’t apply ointments that remove the sensitivity from your penis simply to avoid premature ejaculation. When you have sex you want to experience ALL the sensation and continue to perform for a long time! You can do that with this system. (If you need increase sensitivity try X-Lotion)

Complete details on how to do this can be found here.

Maximize X-Cream

Use the X-Gripper with X-Cream and increase its effective while reducing the time it takes to get results!

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8 reviews for X-Cream + X-Gripper

  1. J.W.

    I’ve tried desensitizing creams and they suck. Everything is so numb I can barely maintain an erection. So I decided to give this a try since it was completely different. And what a difference! I mean you don’t have to use this at all during sex. Nothing at all. I’ve never lasted in bed so long! And I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to actually feel EVERYTHING during the entire time. This solution has taken my sex life to a whole new level

  2. Colin S.

    I’ve been struggling with pre-mature ejaculation my entire life. It’s extremely humiliating to get laughed at because I cum too quickly. With nothing to lose I got this package. The instructions are quite detailed and after a few days I started to get results. I don’t remember how long I used it but my guess would be about six weeks. Then I was ready for a field test. What a difference! I was shocked at how much control I now have. I can cum when I’m ready and not a moment too soon.

  3. Mathew

    It’s really good.

  4. Even Bearden

    Not much to add that hasn’t been said already. It works. Happy for the discrete shipping. No one needs to know I bought this because it’s embarrassing. And yes I used a fake name for this review. LOL

  5. Isaac

    Amazing product. The first time I tried this I cam in about 3 seconds. But after some practice I was able to last for over 15 minutes.

  6. Carter Lipsky

    Not gonna lie, it really works. I got laughed out of bed once for cumming too fast. These days I leave girls begging me to stop!

  7. William Kerr

    My gf left me because she said I wasn’t good enough in bed. I came too soon. After a month of training with the cream and gripper I had sex with another woman and it was the BEST sex I’ve ever had! She was exhausted by the time I finally came. This website has changed my life.

  8. I. Dennis

    The gripper thingy works really well. I got it to increase my size and it makes the cream much more effective.

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