X-Cream Instructions

Watch the video and follow the steps. It is recommended to do it once per day, at least 3 times per week.

Preparation: You need to find a place where you can be alone and undisturbed for 30 minutes to an hour. You should be clean, so take a shower. You need to open the pores in your skin so if you didn’t just take a shower wet a cloth in warm water, squeeze out the water and wrap it around your penis for 5 minutes. Repeat three times and you are ready to begin. Your penis needs to be erect for the entire process so you may want to have a porn video or magazine available. You should also have paper towels and a regular towel.

Measure Yourself: Before you begin measure your penis, both the length and the width. Keep a log of your progress. You can learn how to measure yourself here.

  1. Take off your clothes and find a comfortable chair or couch. (do not lay down on your back).
  2. Place the towel over the chair so that it is hanging down. When you sit down on the towel, the towel should cover the chair to prevent excess cream from staining it.
  3. Apply enough of the cream to cover your penis, including the head. The cream feels a little sandy, this is normal.
  4. Gently work your way into an erection. Massage the cream into your penis. This action causes the ingredients to be absorbed directly through the skin. Be sure to evenly, massage all areas of the penis, including the head.
  5. If the cream begins to dry out, add more as needed.
  6. Having an orgasm is not necessary, but usually the erection will be lost when you climax so you want to prolong it much as possible. If you get close to orgasm and don’t want one, simply let go of your penis and squeeze until you regain control and slightly lose the erection. When ready work yourself back into an erection. (see last page)
  7. If you are watching videos and need to handle items such as remote controls, use the paper towels to clean your hands first.
  8. When finished rinse off the cream with warm water, do not use soap. Your penis should feel slippery.


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