Frequently Asked Questions 

Realistically, how long will it take for me to see results?

How long it takes for you to see a change will depend on two things: 1) How fast your body can absorb the cream, and 2) How you use it. If your body can absorb quickly then you can use larger amounts and see results in a short period of time, say 2 weeks for example. However, if your body does not absorb quickly, then you should use less because it is going to take longer to see results. Some people waste a lot of cream, thinking that if they use half the jar at one time it will work faster. In most cases you achieve the best results when you use very small amounts consistently. One jar should last for months, if you are running low after only a few weeks, with little results, then you are using too much.

Is your product safe to use? And what about the quality of the ingredients?

Yes it is safe to use. We have been in business selling these products since 2005. If it were not safe I would have been out of business long ago. All the ingredients are bought commercially, which means that have already been “approved” as safe for the public..

Can I contact you before and after I make a purchase if I have any questions or concerns?

Absolutely! I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and I can give you specific advice on how to get the most out of this fantastic product.

I’ve seen other products that claim to have all natural ingredients. What is the difference between those and your products?

Like all commercial products, they might have ingredients, whether natural or unnatural that work. However, they include such a small amount of effective ingredients that you will have to keep buying more. They are more concerned about your repeat business than increasing the size of your penis permanently. My cream is composed of almost nothing but natural growth increasing ingredients in super-strength. I have thousands of happy customers that have only purchased one jar of my cream and I never hear from them again because they get the results they want from one jar.

Why do some people buy more than one jar?

There are many reasons why people buy more, here are a few examples:

* They may not have achieved their desired goals with just one jar.
* They purchase extra products for their friends and family

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the label on the products will have some basic instructions. Look for an email after you make the payment for more detailed instructions. If you do not receive the email contact me and I will send you the instructions. Also, you can find a link to all instructions for all products in the menu.

I am having trouble using my credit card

If your credit card does not work try using the PayPal Credit option. This will allow you to use your own credit card through the PayPal system.You do not need to create a PayPal account to use this option and it does not cost anything extra. If you still have questions please use the contact form to let us know.

I can’t reset my password

You should be able to click on a link to receive an email with instructions on how to change your password. If you have any problems please use the Contact form.

Is your website secure?

Absolutely! We use state-of-the-art SSL security for all transactions on our website. The entire website is secured and fund transfers are encrypted. Furthermore, we don’t store any credit card information.

Is your shipping discrete?

Definitely. shipping is very discrete. We value your privacy. All orders are shipped in plain packaging. There is no mention of this website are any of it’s products are displayed on the outside package.

Why Can't I Checkout?

In most cases you can’t checkout if you are trying to send the package to a country not listed. We do not ship to all locations.

Another common reason is your method of payment has been rejected by our system

Please use the Contact Form if you have any questions