V Stretch Technique

V Stretch Theory

The V Stretch is a method of stretching designed to exert greater forces on the tunica and ligaments than is possible by simply pulling on the penis from its point of attachment out along a single axis.
When performing simple stretches, any force is exerted from the points at which the penis attaches to the body, outward along the internal structures that run the length of the penis, to the glans..
The V Stretch technique works to help increase imbalances in the stress on the penis by incorporating a secondary transverse force. A larger than normal cross sectional tension gradient is created allowing the force exerted by the hand to be more effective on a targeted area of the tunica than would be possible if the entire tunica was under equal tension.
We all know that the stress experienced within a cord (in this case a penis) is increased as the load supported by the cord is positioned in a manner that the angles of the anchored ends approach 180 degrees. In other words, a 10 pound force suspended from a cord exerts only 10 pounds of force within the fibers of the cord. BUT anchor the cord from 2 ends and place the 10 pound mass in the center and the tension within the cord increases very greatly.
For example, we may hang from a clothes line tied to a tree branch. But if you try to hang from the same cord when it is stretched between 2 clothes line poles, it will break under your weight. The tension within the clothesline exceeds the tensile strength of the rope.
The usefulness of V stretches does not arise out of the decomposition of vector forces into component directions, but rather from the localization of the forces at the point of the bend and the increase in total pulling force by the use of two hands. This is the theory behind V Stretch technique.
Important Notes
While performing the warm up for the exercises using V Stretch technique, ensure that the wrap encompasses both the penis shaft and the ligaments around the pubic bone.
The grip should be no further back than half an inch from the coronal ridge of the glans roughly in line with the circumcision scar, it will ride forward a little as the tension increases. Uncircumcised people may find it of benefit to retract the foreskin fully before attaching the grip.
Between stretches and at the end of a session gently shake the penis or slap it against your thigh and massage the shaft to restore blood flow.
The level of force is an important factor. The body adapts quickly and a routine may very quickly lose its productivity. If the force applied is not great enough the body will regenerate torn fibers with bigger and stronger ones that will only make the penis harder to stretch in the future.
If any sharp or throbbing pain is experienced at any time during the exercise stop immediately. Common sense is key, always avoid sudden and/or excessive movements.
Exercise Variations
For the sake of simplicity, the basic exercise using the V Stretch technique is introduced in the exercises section. A variation of the exercises using the technique is described below.
Use your right hand, creating an overhand OK grip and hold the head of the penis.
Extend your penis slowly to a full stretch. Hold it for 5 seconds.
Using the thumb of your left hand, press down in the middle of the penis. Hold for 20 seconds.
Release carefully your left hand.
Do the same as step 3. This time, press down near the base of the penis.
Release carefully your left hand.
Do the same as step 3. This time, press down near the head of the penis.
Perform step 1 to step 7 for 10 times (10 minutes).