Penis Health And Nutrition

Your penis is not a separate entity from your body. It is part of your body. So if you are in a poor physical condition, you should not expect your penis health to be any better than the rest of your body. If you are under great stress, deprived of quality sleep and rest, suffering from an illness or are just malnourished due to a nutritionally deficient diet, you may lack the penis performance that you desire.

Penis enlargement is a gradual process that is effected by many external factors. Blood circulation in the body is an important factor, as well as dietary health and regular exercise.

Below are things that you can do for your sexual enhancement and for your success with penis enlargement.

Vitamin Supplements
1. L-Arginine (Amino Acid): This one is great for rock-hard erections and increased volume of ejaculate. Take 500mg daily and also 1000mg a few hours before intercourse if you want a boost in performance. Use in moderation and discontinue if you notice any side effects whatsoever.

2. Bee Pollen: This is a very good supplement to take. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. Taking it will give you more frequent erections, more sexual energy, and also a bigger volume of ejaculate. Bee pollen comes in many forms, tablets, capsules, even live. If you can find the live freeze-dried forms in your health food store then purchase it, as it is the most potent.

Drugs and Other Hazards
In terms of penis health, we find that some drugs are too dangerous even with moderate usage, such as cocaine and heroin.

Many prescription drugs and antibiotics also may cause loss of sex drive to the point of near impotence. If you are on prescription drugs, and this is the case you should consult with your doctor, and a nutritionist and/or herbalist for a solution to your problem.

Steroids can be very damaging to your sexual functioning in addition to the possibility of damaging your liver, kidneys and heart. Some of the side effects of steroids to the reproductive system are that you balls may shrink and you testosterone production may be significantly reduced.

We all know that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. But you may not know what it does to your sexual performance. When you smoke you decrease the blood and oxygen supply in your arteries and your sexual performance and firmness of your erection decreases.

Alcohol in moderation is not bad, in fact medical studies have now shown that one drink a day may even be good for your health. We all know that too much alcohol decreases your ability to perform sexually. So once again moderation is the key.