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  • Instant Absorption

  • No Side Effects

  • Permanent Results

  • Increases Sensitivity

This brand new pe_nis enlargement cream will provide a permanent increase in size. It also will eliminate soreness, relieve dryness and increase pe_nis sensitivity. Best of all it is easy to use! Simply apply it once or twice a day and that is it! While it may increase length, the focus here is to increase pe_nis thickness. A thick penis is required for stimulating a woman’s G-Spot. That sensitive area that is critical for stimulating a woman to climax. This enlargement cream is exactly what is needed for that! Not only that, having intercourse very often or masturbating can cause your skin to become rough and dry. This can lead to insensitive skin and make it more difficult for you to enjoy intercourse. Xpanse enlargement cream will sooth and heal that dry skin, increasing sensitivity so you get more pleasure too! In a very short period, you will notice a smooth, silky difference in the appearance of your skin. This is make your pe_nis more attractive which in turn encourages oral sex from your partner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you use it? Simply apply a small amount until it disappears into the skin, once or twice a day, everyday.

Q. Is there any particular time I should use it? No. Use it whenever it is convenient for you. For example, you could apply it after you take a shower, just before bed, and again in the morning just before getting dressed. You should be clean and dry before applying it.

Q. How long does it take to get results? You should start to see some results in 2-3 weeks of continuous use. Results vary.

Q. Can this be used during intercourse? No. You should only use it on yourself, it is not a lubricant.

Q. Will the cream make my hands bigger too? No. Simply wash your hands after each use with soap and water to completely remove it from your hands.

Q. Do I have to rinse it off my pe_nis? No. Once it disappears into the skin put your member away.

Q. Is it permanent? Yes. As long as you remain sexually active the results are permanent.

Q. Where is it manufactured? It is made in the U.S.A. All of the ingredients also come from the U.S.

Q. Does it help with erections? No. But we have other products for that.

Q. What about premature ejaculation? Again no, but contact us for details on how to fix this issue.

Q. Is your website secure? Yes. We use industry standard security and encryption. There are 3 ways to pay. 1) Your credit card, the default option, 2) PayPal, using your own PayPal account, 3) Your credit card through PayPal which does not require a PayPal account.  Every option is safe and secure.

Q. How many jars do I need? Everyone is different, most people only need one jar.

Q. Are there any hidden costs? No. And shipping is free! (Note: There are other shipping options but free shipping is the default option).

Q. How long does one jar last? One jar can last up to 3 months depending on how you use it. Using a large amount at one time does not speed up the process. 

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